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Ken's generic Classroom


Generic classrooms are quite versatile and can be used for other purposes than classrooms, e.g. they work well for offices (just remove the teachers desk). Following information is the same as you get in the moo, by typing:

  help #374
     - or -
  help here      (inside a generic classroom)

>help #374
Generic Classroom (#374):
                        How To Use This Room
     To create new tables, desks, shelves, bulletin boards etc. use the 
'@addfurniture' command. You can 'look', 'sit', or 'put' things on most
objects you create. While sitting you are heard only by others sitting 
with you. If you 'stand' or 'speakup' everyone can hear you. 'Look' at
objects to see what's on them. 
   look blackboard        sit Big Desk             @status
   writeb Hi There!       stand                    put map on Bulletin
   eraseb 4               speakup I think that..   get map
   to Ken Hi there!       look clock               look Big Desk 
   cleanb                   - erase entire blackboard   
   register/unregister Ken  - add/rm Ken from *current* class
   @addfurn/@rmfurn Desk    - add/remove a piece of describable furniture
   door open/closed         - restrict entry to persons in *current* class
   @mkclass/@rmclass Math   - add 'Math' to list of classes taught here
   @setup Math              - makes 'Math' the *current* class 
   @stifle on/off           - disable seated persons emoting to everyone
   @sign on/off             - show 'this.session_msg' at @who command
   @authorize/@unauth Ken   - add/rm Ken from list of authorized users 
   @restrictions on/off     - restrict Special verbs to authorized users
   @tutorial                - view a short tutorial on using classroom
   @fix                     - correct seating mixups if they occur

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997