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1.5 Manners on a MOO


See the ``Manners'' section gif in the The evolving TecfaMOO Book Part I: Concepts (use 'back' on your client to come back here !  

Here is an example of the policy enforced at TecfaMOO: Other MOOs may have more or less rules:

  1. RESPECT other PEOPLE and their WORK. People here come from many different backgrounds and parts of the world. TecfaMOO's primary goal is related to work ('help theme'). Other activities are welcome, but should not interfere in negative ways!
  2. ALWAYS BE POLITE and CONSIDER that PEOPLE DO REAL WORK HERE. It is always polite to to ask permission before entering meeting areas, class-rooms or someone else's office or home. ('page' or @knock)
  3. DON'T TAKE OBJECTS THAT DON'T BELONG TO YOU. TecfaMOO is based on trust. Put things back where you found them. Only Teleport your own things !
  4. DON'T SPOOF. Don't make it appear that other persons are saying or doing something they aren't.
  5. DON'T SPY. Don't use objects that relay messages in none public areas !
  6. NO HARASSMENT (verbally, by using weapons or otherwise) >

Use your good sense ! On ``serious'' MOOs that tolerate other activities (like TECFAMOO) don't interfere with people's ``real work'', e.g. by interrupting sessions, letting loose ``wanderers'' and such. Also be aware that non-theme related activities are much less supported on such MOOs.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997