2-4 Study of other MOOs

2-4.2 The BioMoo

The WWW presentation page of this WOO environment contains various introductory points like purpose, frequently asked questions, visit, recordings of meetings and reference files. In the purpose, one can read:"

BioMOO is a virtual meeting place for biologists, connected to the Globewide Network Academy. The main physical part of the BioMOO is located at the BioInformatics Unit of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel "."

BioMOO is a professional community of Biology researchers. It is a place to come meet colleagues in Biology studies and related fields and brainstorm, to hold colloquia and conferences, to explore the serious side of this new medium ".

The BioMOO is one of the most successful MOO for communities of researchers. On a technical level, it has one of the most (if not the most) enhanced environment. Unlike the MediaMOO, it offers a WOO environment using interactive maps, databases with very simple search systems, etc. Since its creation, hundreds of people have registered, and have created lots of objects, through which they tell about their work. There have been many online seminars, and lots of people have made acquaintances. Every day, people meet on the MOO and learn something new. The online seminars may have taken two formats: the posters session and the talks session. Both of them have proved to be really and very efficient for a domain like biology. Indeed, images really are important for this domain and the integration of the WWW interface to the MOO is a major improvement. [Gustavo 93]

Online seminars and workshops:

On the BioMOO, online seminars have been particularly productive and the best way to realize it is to read the MOO session of the BioMOO Neuroscience Journal Club in the appendixes. This meeting took place on the 10th of May, 1995. About 5 scientists attented this session and it proved to be a very efficient number to communicate on the MOO about a serious topic. The purpose of this session was the presentation of an article by its author. Figures of the articles could be viewed from the WWW browser. The speaker showed virtual slides to its listeners and commented them.

This kind of MOOsession do happen frenquently on the BioMoo and one feel very confortable reading the records. This sessions are recorded throught the MOO with the use of the virtual video camera and files are constantly available through the WWW browser.

Distance education:

BioMOO is also a virtual center for distance education as courses are given in the context of the GNA (Global Network Academy) network. These distance courses seem to be an interesting way of using the MOO as an environment for distance education purposes.

BioMOO presentation and entrance on the MOO interface:

 Welcome to...

HHH!*%nx.    HM           ~4HHH:      :HHHH~    .xH*""tx.       .xH*""tx.
MMM   `MMM   `"             MMMM:     MXMMX    MMM     #MM.    MMM     #MM.
MMM    MM"  +nn   .n*%x.    M`MMM    M XMMX   MMM       MMM,  MMM       MMM, 
MMM!**MX.    MM  MM   4Mh   M ?MMM  X~ XMMX  'MMM       MMMX 'MMM       MMMX
MMM    MMM:  MM  MM   'MM   M  ?MMMd"  XMMX  'MMM       MMM' 'MMM       MMM' 
MMM    MMMf  MM  MM   'MM   M   MMMf   XMMX   `MMk     :MM#   `MMk     :MM# 
MMMk..HM*"  .MM. `MX..M*  .:M..  MM   .MMMM.    "Mh...xM"'      "Mh...xM"'

                   the virtual meeting place for biologists.

'purpose'                     to read a statement on BioMOO's purpose
'connect (userid) (password)' to connect, for example: connect Homer stu888ph 'guest (name) (any-password)' to connect as a guest,
'create'                      for information on how to get your own userid,
'who'                         just to see who's logged in right now,
'@quit'                       to disconnect, either now or later.
Multimedia interface (WWW): http://bioinfo.weizmann.ac.il:8888
For human help please email to Gustavo@bioinformatics.weizmann.ac.il.

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The BioMOO entrance on the WWW interface:


The researchers database search formular:


Online seminars and workshops:
Distance education:
BioMOO presentation and entrance on the MOO interface:
The BioMOO entrance on the WWW interface:
The researchers database search formular:

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