2-1 Stages of the project

2-1.3 Organisation of virtual meetings

We invited the European Science Foundation's - Learning in Human and Machine - task force 5 (collaborative learning) group to have a meeting which goal was to prepare the work for a four month away workshop.

This community was chosen for the following reasons:

We have thus decided to choose such a community to limit the problems related to technology, newborn relationships within a community, lack of concrete need and too distant or indirect organisation. Indeed other factors than the proposed environment could have influenced how people reacted about this new communication facility.

The meeting date was then decided through traditional e-mail interactions and the problems people had to discuss on the MOO were reminded within this exchange.

Consolidation by informal meeting

As a MOO server is a permanent database, we encouraged researchers from the LHM community to create some habits on TECFAMOO. Indeed, we helped those interested in to build their own office and the kind of interaction that took place is illustrated in this report's part. What we aimed to do was actually to encourage people to log on the TECFAMOO on a regular basis for the community to try different contexts of interactions (planned meetings but also informal discussions, use of mail facilities, etc.)

Consolidation by informal meeting

VMDL/MOO Report - 17 FEB 1996

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