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A selection of Journals of interest to Tecfists and other folks interested in cognition, collaboration, education, software, cyberspace and related fields. Most are academic.

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Educational Technology

* InTRO (Instructional Technology Research Online)

Not a journal, but a quality depository for on-line articles.

* Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Aims: To foster a multidisciplinary and intellectually rigorous debate on the theoretical and practical aspects of interactive media in education.
To clarify the cognitive, social and cultural issues raised by the use of interactive media in education.
To radically improve teaching and learning through better interactive media.
To publish leading international research on the theories, practices and experiences in the field.

* Kairos, A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments

he journal is designed to serve as a peer-reviewed resource for teachers, researchers and tutors of writing at the college and university level, including Technical Writing, Business Writing, Professional Communication, Creative Writing, Composition, and Literature. Kairos deals specifically with the challenges of writing in hypertextual environments, primarily (but not solely) the World-Wide Web.


European Platform for Interactive Learning

Do you use or develop interactive learning systems? Is your organisation involved or interested in new technology for educational or training purposes, or in the research thereof? Do you produce or use laserdiscs, CD-ROMS or other electronic media for teaching and learning?

The main topics of Interact are:
New applications of, and idea's on interactive learning within any kind of educational organisation (schools, museums, universities etc). Conferences, conventions, meetings, Technological developments, New courseware and relevant software (Activities of) organisations dealing with Interactive media for teaching and learning, (Activities of) supporting institutes, Subsidies and/or government support for multimedia projects, Research projects New books, magazines, and electronic media.


An Electronic Journal of Teaching and Learning with and about Technology.

Compute-Ed is free, and carries no advertising. It is available to anyone with a web browser.

Compute-Ed volumes close in July and November of each year. As articles are accepted, they are published in the journal, so that each journal gradually builds into a final volume.

Comment: New Journal (no rating yet), very slow link for us ("enhanced" by abuse of Bitmaps).


Intelligent Tutoring Media publishes first-rate articles concerned with the packaging and communication of knowledge using advanced information technologies. Articles in the journal study the impact of artificial intelligence, hypertext, interactive video, mass storage devices and telecommunication networks. This journal aims to provide a leading forum for publication of the results of national and international collaboration.

CMC, General

*Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine


CMC Magazine seeks innovative essays, features, news, reviews, and other material that explores the many facets of communication using computer-mediated means.

*Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture

The _Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture_ is published by Arachnet. Virtual culture is computer-mediated human experience/behavior/thought/meaning/action/interaction, such as electronic mail, conferences, and journals; information distribution /retrieval; the construction and visualization of images/representations/models of reality and/or worlds; and global connectivity. The purpose of the refereed journal is to foster, encourage, advance, and communicate scholarly thought, (including analysis, evaluation, and research) in multiple disciplines about virtual culture.

Isn't there an HTML version ??

CMC, Learning and Education

*Interpersonal Computing and Technology (IPTC-J)

An Electronic Journal For The 21st Century (IPCT-J)

The Interpersonal Computing and Technology Journal (IPCT-J) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, published four times a year. The journal's focus is on computer-mediated communication, and the pedagogical issues surrounding the use of computers and technology in educational settings.


The Distance Education Online Symposium DEOSNEWS is a mailing list and has 3,586 subscribers in 63 countries. Edited by The American Center for the Study of Distance Education (ACSDE) and The American Journal of Distance Education (AJDE)

* Online Chronicle Of Distance Education And Communication

The Online Chronicle Of Distance Education And Communication is a a joint publication of Nova Southeastern University and the University of Alaska

*The Journal of Extension

The Journal is the official refereed publication of the Cooperative Extension System. The Journal expands and updates the research and knowledge base for Extension professionals and other adult educators to improve their effectiveness. In addition, the Journal serves as a forum for emerging and contemporary issues affecting Extension education.

Cognitive Science & Learning


A Peer-Reviewed Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal

Psycoloquy is a refereed electronic journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association. It publishes articles and peer commentary in all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral biology, artificial intelligence, robotics/vision, linguistics and philosophy.

* Psyche, An interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness

PSYCHE (ISSN: 1039-723X) is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain. PSYCHE publishes material relevant to that exploration from the perspectives afforded by the disciplines of cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, physics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and anthropology. Interdisciplinary discussions are particularly encouraged.

Areas in Education

* Academe This Week

A weekly on-line newsletter by "The Chronicle of Higher Education Inc." Note that the interesting articles of this chronicle are NOT on-line.

* Kairos, A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments

he journal is designed to serve as a peer-reviewed resource for teachers, researchers and tutors of writing at the college and university level, including Technical Writing, Business Writing, Professional Communication, Creative Writing, Composition, and Literature. Kairos deals specifically with the challenges of writing in hypertextual environments, primarily (but not solely) the World-Wide Web.


The Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature

CWRL is published by the Computer Writing Research Lab, a facility of the Division of Rhetoric and Composition, at the University of Texas at Austin

CWRL publishes articles that address computer-aided pedagogy in the fields of Rhetoric, Composition and Literature and is available solely on the World Wide Web.

2. "Other" Journals of interest

General Journals & "Nice fields"

* Postmodern Culture

An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism

* The Stanford Humanities Review

This is the electronic incarnation of The Stanford Humanities Review, officially known itself as The Stanford Electronic Humanities Review. The SHR, and the SEHR, are dedicated to providing a wide-open forum for diverse voices from all over the intellectual landscape of our world. Cool Journal ! Issues on AI and Cognitive Science.

*The Network Observer

Quote: "TNO is a free on-line newsletter. It has been published monthly since January 1994, but it might become less frequent in the future while I [Phil Agre] finish some writing.
Every issue includes a few short articles, either by me or by guest authors, plus three regular departments: the wish list, which discusses a potential application of advanced computing technology, this month's recommendations, usually short book reviews, and follow-up, which summarizes on-line discussion of previous issues and offers pointers to useful net resources that I've discovered in the last month."

Probably the best Newsletter of its kind!

What's New on Internet

*Off the Net

Coolest WWW/Internet News for Information Providers. Monthly issues. Small but absolute BEST! Read this if you need pointers to the latest Power Tools.

*c|net News

News section from c|net: the computer network. One of the best designed WWW sites around.


Headlines from the makers of the Webmaster Reference Library. Includes a list of pointers to similar services and a WWW browser watch list!.

*NCSA's What's New.

The Web's oldest (and still one of the finest) place for announcements of new WWW sites. Co-sponsored by GNN. Alternatives are Netscapes' What's New or various News groups

*WebWeek Magazine OnLine

The on-line version of MecklerMedia's WebWeek. A "journal for the Web professional". Good for new trends, also a nice place for rumors and facts about major Internet players.

HOT / Soyez branchés !!


A section from Point (Top 5% on the web, etc.) service. Features all sorts of news. E.g. see Internet News.

*Hot Wired

Certainement le journal le plus branché !


An other high-quality on-line Mag. Good covers on the information highway and cyberspace.

*Urban Desires

An Interactive Magazine of Metropolitan Passions


Le premier apériodique non linéaire francophone d'Amérique.

*Les Chroniques de Cybérie

Une compilation hébdomadaire de News variés. Ca vient du Québec.

Bienvenue au site des Chroniques de Cybérie, l'hebdomadaire francophone du Système d'information planétaire, mieux connu sous le nom de World Wide Web.

*Web Libération

Le serveur Web du seul journal français que je lis parfois. Bien fait! Voir aussi: Le cahier multi-média


Le Hebdo On-Line. Meilleure contribution Suisse !


*"Today's" Comics on the Web

assembled by Thao Tran.

3. Further pointers


Commercial & private education Zines