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Related Pages: JSP Page (Java Server Pages) XML Page (Java/XML libraries), MySQL page (JDBC libraries)

Warning: This page is only sporadically maintained (whenever it is needed or I feel like - last real update was YEARS ago [DKS 10/2004] )

Java @ TECFA

Java Teaching at Tecfa

Java Projects at Tecfa

No serious projects at the moment

Java Environments/Compilers at Tecfa



Language and JDK/APIs:

The Java language Java 1.1: Java 1.2 & Java 1.3: Note: doc may not be in synch with the latest installed version. Java 1.1 / Java 1.2 Extensions: Other stuff:


Java Classes (installed at TECFA)

Usually, classes are installed at /local/java/classes. For applications, see /local/java/applis. See the doc for which Java they work with.

Note: For some classes, there is no doc or no link into the www tree. Also most of these directories are PASSWORD protected (sorry but you find these at the original sites). There is no point that search engines give you TECFA instead of the original.


For XML Others


General Tutorials

(some, needs updating)

Swing/AWT Tutorials

Specialized Swing Tutorials

See also: Swing/JFC FAQ (tables, trees, etc.) and general Swing Tutorials above.

Specialized Tutorials

Java Coding

... how to write and document good Code

On-line documentation


Specialized Topics

See also: The list of locally installed Java Classes, e.g. for XML, JDBC/MysQL, Java3D

Server-side Java (servlets)

Application Frameworks

(totally uncomplete)

Java 3D

Java based Expert Systems

See also: The Expert System Shells FAQ (last modif: 4/97)

Embedded languages - Java/xxx interfaces


Simulation Packages

Networking middleware


Development kits and tools at Sun

JDK's are free for everyone. Educational Instutitions: See the special pointer below.

Java and Applets (Netscape)

Java versions and Browsers

Quite a problem if you decide to use advanced java stuff :) ... and why the hell can't Sun just keep pages in some place ? We STILL got non-swing browsers and STILL want to work without Java Plugin.


Code & applications

Major portals

(not very complete, see also general Java Sites !!)

Installed Applications at Tecfa


Most useful Java Pages (English)

Most useful Java Pages (Français)