Hints on playing Crossfire

This section amounts to spoilers for the game. If you don't like that kind of information, don't read any further in this chapter!

Beginning players

I'm on the starting map, what do I do now?
You should be in a city square with a few sign posts in the middle. Move over the signs and apply them ("A") to read what they say.

For beginners, there are several maps designed for them. Find these areas and clear them out. All throughout these levels, a player can find signs and books which they can read by stepping onto them and hitting 'A' to apply the book/sign. These messages will help the player to learn the system. Probably the first, best area for a beginning player to start out in is ``Beginners''. This area is a small house located south-west of your starting location.

Flailing about with spells

Some items are perishable. If you shoot a fireball into a room full of scrolls, you will notice them going up in smoke! So be careful not to destroy valuable items.

Tips on surviving

Crossfire is populated with a wealth of different monsters. These monsters can have varying immunities and attacktypes. In addition, some of them can be quite a bit smarter than others. It will be important for new players to learn the abilities of different monsters and learn just how much it will take to kill them.

Most monsters in the game are out to mindlessly kill and destroy the players. Killing monsters will help boost a player's score. When fighting a large amount of monsters in a single room, attempt to find a narrower hallway so that you are not being attacked from all sides. Charging into a room full of Beholders would not be wise, instead, open the door and fight them one at a time.

Priorities for low-level characters

The priority for characters below about 5th level is to gain some basic items. In this regard, better armour and better spells are best. Look for a quest among the various islands that will allow you to obtain mithril mail. Whenever you scrape together ~100-200 platinum pieces go shopping for armour and weapons (or spells). If you are a fighter type, try to have at least a +2 weapon, +2 helmet, +2 suit of armour, and +2 shield before you reach 5th level. For wizards, attempt to recover enough treasure to be able to buy up good attack spells. For priests, first thing to do is worship a god! Try to get the holy word prayer as soon as possible. Make sure your current god allows good potential use of this spell.

For all classes, get access to the detect magic incantation as soon as possible. This will allow you to sort through the treasure you find while you're in the dungeon, and will save you time and money at the shops.

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