Player Commands

add <display> Adds a display. Use from telnet connection.
apply <string> Applies top object in inventory if you give a string.
archs ???
bell <player> Makes that player's display beep.
berzerk Toggles berzerk status.
bind Used to bind commands to keys.
brace Toggles brace status. While braced you will not move.
cast <spell> Readies named spell.
clearinfo Clears the text screen.
disarm Executes a disarming action in facing direction.
dm Player becomes the dm. You character is unsavable after this.
drop <object> Drops object from player inventory.
dropall Drops all but locked objects in inventory.
east Execute a move east.
examine <object> Examines object, defaults to top object in inventory.
get Picks up top object in look window.
gsay Sends a message only to members of your party.
help <subject> Help on subject, defaults to shows list of available help.
hiscore Show list of highest player scores.
inv-lock Locks top object in inventory.
inv-unlock Unlocks top object in inventory.
inventory Lists all objects in inventory in text window.
invoke <spell> <string> Readies, then casts a spell. String is optional
keyboard Toggles buffering of keystrokes.
last Not Implemented.
listen Changes the level of your hearing.
malloc Shows which stuff is taking up how much memory.
mapinfo Show information about current map.
maps Show status of all active maps.
motd Show message of the day again.
north Execute a move north.
northeast Ditto to north east.
northwest Ditto to the north west.
output-count No idea what this does.
output-sync No idea what this does.
party <command> Set of commands used with simple party system.
peaceful Toggle peaceful status.
pickup <command> Change pickup status by number or value density.
prepare Alias for cast command.
quit Quit the game with out saving your character.
ready_skill <skill> Prepare a skill for use.
refresh Refresh all windows in the display.
rotateinventory Rotate inventory by 1.
rotateshoottype Rotate the range slot by 1.
rotatespells Rotate through all known spells alphabetically.
save Save your current position and status.
savewinpos Save your current window layout.
say Say something to all players on your map.
scroll Toggle scrolling in the text window.
search Execute a search in all nearby squares.
search-items <command> Change the status of items searched for.
shout Send a message to all players regardless of map.
showinvicon Toggle status of invicon in inventory window.
skills Show all available skills, experience categories and level.
south Execute a move south.
southeast Ditto to southeast.
southwest Ditto to southwest.
sstable Does something??
strength <integer> Old command. Now useless.
strings Shows the status of shared sting parameters.
sync <integer> Change sync value to integer.
take Alias for pickup.
tell <who> <msg> Tell character who the msg.
throw Disabled command.
time Gives statistics on packets??
title <string> Change your title to string.
unbind <command> A set of commands to reverse key bindings.
use_skill <skill> <string> Ready, then use a skill. String is optional.
version Print out all the contributors to Crossfire .
west Execute a move west.
who Show what players are currently logged on.
wimpy <percent> Auto-matically run away when hp < wimpy% * Max hp.

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