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WWW '94 Conference Workshop:
Teaching & Learning with the Web

was held at the First International Conference on the World-Wide Web,
(May 25-27 1994, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland).


  1. Workshop Organization
  2. Workshop Participants & Contributions
  3. Workshop Program
  4. Administrativa, Call for participation, etc
  5. Workshop Report
  6. Teaching & Learning with the Web: Future projects, how to keep in touch, working groups, etc.


Marcus Speh
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchotron (DESY) and GNA
Daniel Peraya & Daniel Schneider
TECFA, School of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Geneva.
Kenneth Hensarling
Honolulu Community College

Daniel Schneider

Thanx to Saba Ghazi (BSDAC, University of Chicago) for designing the workshop logo !