Brazil 97: D. Schneider's talks and workshops

(My talks at EDUCADOR 97 and workshops at Unicamp)

Talks and Workshops

Pointers (up)

  1. General Indexes and Search
  2. Education on the Web (there are hundreds!)
  3. Educational technology and theory on the Web (there are not that many)
  4. Tools for educational providers (check any big site or your browser for general Internet help)
  5. Educational VR / multi-user worlds
  6. VRML

Demo Pages, some at/about Tecfa (up)

  1. Interesting Pages (a small random choice)
  2. Kid's and School Pages
    (there are millions!)
  3. Pages at Tecfa
  4. Examples of teaching materials I produced
    (often "quick and dirty material", mostly manuals or index pages) for my classes)
  5. Some of my students (look at their pages to see what they have to produce)
  6. Other teaching materials at Tecfa

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