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Note: this page is a html 3 & Netscape extensions demo made in 1995. Kept for nostalgic reasons because it was around then that Internet as we knew it before started changing (e.g. standards going down the hill with Netscape and Krosoft moving in and worsening the situation).

Here are the ways you can contact me:

Visit: How to get there ? (Pictures and Maps)
By E-mail: email:Daniel.Schneider@tecfa.unige.ch
By Phone: CALL (..41) 22 705 9377
By Fax: CALL (..41) 22 705 9379
By MOO: Daniel or Kaspar at telnet://tecfamoo.unige.ch:7777
(see the TecfaMOO Home Page on how to)
By Telepathy: Try staring for several hours at this icon. If needed, download a bigger picture by clicking on the icon.

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