(alphabetical order)

Jean-Claude Brès

project manager

Daniel Schneider

project management responsible for the TECFA team

Philippe Maigre

project management (water project)and participating as a teacher

Yveline Léonard

project co-management (water project)and participating as a teacher

Josep Oliveras

project management for Spain and participating as a teacher

Past Collaborators
Patrick Mendelsohn

project management, responsible for the TECFA team (->2000)

Julia Pieruzzi

project management and participating with south american kids (1995-1998)

Sandrine Tognotti

project management, webslave and MOO administrator (1995-1996)

Didier Strasser

project management and participating as a teacher, also designer of the virtual exhibition (1996-1997)

Yasmin Shubber

MOOchief! coordinator for the MOO meetings (1997-1998).

Nathalie Pilard

Webslave and ... designer, worked on a VRML project for the universal exhibition of Mosaïca (three dimensions environment) (1999-2000)

Diana Dietrich

MOOchief and developping a data base for the Mosaïca's universal exhibition.(1998-1999)

Karima Lallam

project management, webslave (1999-2000)


South America Group



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