My research

Designing multimedia documents for struggling readers:
Effects of text cohesion with static or animated depictions

Briefly, my research focus is on text comprehension when considering the use of adjunct media (static and animated depictions). Particularly, my work is in line with the Integrated Text and Picture Comprehension model from Schnotz (2014).

This doctoral thesis is funded by a Doc.CH grant from the .

Theoretical background

Text processing
Beyond one's ability to read, or to decipher a text, there is the bigger question: did the reader understand the text? Or, in term of process: did the reader generate the needed inferences? Kintsch’s theory of text processing, and McNamara following work on text cohesion are guiding my steps.

   « Mary heard the ice-cream van coming.
    She remembered her pocket money.
    She rushed into the house.
 »      (J. Oakhill, EARLI 2015 keynote)

Multimedia learning
The comparison of different types of external representations and how they relate to other media (in this case text), within the frame of the multimedia principle (Mayer ; Schnotz) is of particular interest to me.

Thesis project

Comprehension of multimedia documents including text and depictions is a multidimensional process requiring to both to understand the text itself, and link the text with the depictions.
During this doctoral research, the goal is to close the gap between theories of text processing and of multimedia learning, by studying the link readers create between text and picture.

Communications at Conferences

Désiron J.C., Bétrancourt M. & de Vries E. (2016). The role of comprehension ability in multimedia learning. Proceedings of EARLI SIG 2 Comprehension of text and graphics Meeting. Geneva, Switzerland - Poster

Désiron J.C., Schwartz N.H. & de Vries E. (2015). Comprehending Text-Graphic Combinations: Text Coherence and Level of Graphical Detail. Paper presented at the biannual Conference of the European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Limassol, Cyprus

Désiron J.C., Schwartz N.H. & de Vries E. (2015). The Influence of Text Coherence and Text-Graphic Correspondence. Paper presented in a Symposium at theAmerican Educational Research Association (AERA) Chicago, IL, United States

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