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Making and managing accounts (for teachers only)

As a teacher, you can make accounts or "characters" for your students to use on the MOO. You can also change student information such as their email address or their real name, and you can delete student accounts. In addition to making and changing student accounts, you can assign your students' characters to specific rooms that you own on the MOO. You can create, update, and delete accounts at any point during the semester. You can also change your students' "homes" as many times as you want to. For example, you might assign all of your students to the large meeting room to begin with, and then set their homes to small meeting rooms as the semester progresses.

Creating accounts for your students is a good idea because it allows students to have a permanent login for the semester. It also allows you to assign them to meeting rooms so that you don't all end up in the Lobby each time. Students are also more easily identified, which makes it easier to keep track of them than when they are all anonymous guests. Students will also need permanent accounts to work with things like recorders and web projectors.

The only thing that teachers can't do is reset a student's password. If a student forgets his or her password, email Erin at with the student's username and email address and she will reset their password. Don't make the student a new account; just have them log in as a guest for that class. They can still participate in the session.

Click on any of the links below to read more about the procedure you are interested in.

Procedure What it does
Creating student accounts Shows you how to create accounts for your students.
Updating and deleting student accounts Shows you how to update and delete student accounts.
Using @sethomes to assign students to meeting rooms Shows you how to assign students to meeting rooms.

If you need help, you can click on the light bulb icon that appears in the accounts window or you can email Erin with questions or problems.


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