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MY "Simplified" DocBook XML DTD for FrameMaker + SGML

Part of my let's struggle with "FrameMaker+SGML 6" and XML series. IMPORTANT if you are new to the topic you really should read my little "XML with FrameMaker + SGML Quick Guide" (or better if you can find anything): PDF or html.

This is an unfinished project started on March 19 2001. Trying to import Norman Walsh's Simplified Docbook XML DTD into FrameMaker + SGML 6. See

Importing the sdocbook.dtd almost works. Framemaker doesn't read unicode, therefore all character entity declarations will fail. This concerns: Since I am no FrameMaker or SGML expert I don't know how to fix this. Maybe read/write rules could do the trick. I did not spend more than 10 minutes on the problem, but just ripped out the lines you can see in the mysdocbook.diff file. Fixing this is not a #1 priority, since Frame generates something that does look like correct entities (needs verification, fact that Mozilla shows it is not enough).


Final note: If you try to include the full XML Docbook DTD, FrameMaker + SGML 6 will crash on both Solaris and Windows 2000 (at least the versions I have). Don't or tell me how :)

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