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Step 10: Create a FrameMaker Template File

A starting point for simple XML authoring

Manufacture the usual starting point for an author (like with standard FrameMaker, but with elements rather than paragraphs)

(1) Make sure your EDD has a root element

This step is not necessary if you did everything in the right order so far. Anyhow you need to specify a root, e.g. have something like this in your EDD file:

Element (Container): StepbystepValid as the highest-level element.General rule:	Doctitle, Info?, Abstract?, Intro?, Prereq?, Steps+, Comments?, Conclusion?

(2) Open a blank F+S page

File->New Document

I suggest to start with a blank page (Portrait)

(3) import Elements from the EDD file

Import the definitions from the EDD file into your template file. This is roughly the same as entering <!DOCTYPE Stepbystep SYSTEM "/home/schneide/xml/dtd/Stepbystep.dtd"> in a standard XML file. In the blank page (!) do:

Menu: File->Import->Element Definitions

You can repeat this step each time you change something in the EDD

(4) Edit some XML Text

If everything went well you can use F+S as XML editor. Since we didn't define any formatting yet, I suggest that you turn on Element Boundaries Viewing:

Menu: View->Element Boundaries (as tags)

You can author XML now and export as XML I suggest to test quite a bit now if your DTD is brand new.