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Step 9: Export the EDD as DTD

Make sure F+S's EDD and your DTD match

In principle this step is absolutly not necessary, but it is easier to compare an SGML DTD with your XML DTD than an EDD with a XML DTD.

(1) Export

Menu: File->Developer Tools->Save as DTD

(2) Compare

Now compare the 2 DTDs (your original XML or SGML and the generated). If something is missing in the generated one, fix the original DTD, then redo STEP 6, else you will get out of sync. Note that the exported DTD is SGML (unless there is a parameter in the SGML declaration I did not find) . Therefore compare taking into account this difference. Also, all entities you used will be expanded. e.g. you get this sort of thing:

<!ELEMENT Step - - (Title, Goal?, Prereq?, ((Para | List | Listing)* | Substep)*, Comments?) ><!ATTLIST Step Id ID #IMPLIED ><!ELEMENT Para - - ((#PCDATA | A | Strong | Emph | Code)*) >

instead of:

<!ENTITY % Standard-attrs "Id ID #IMPLIED"><!ELEMENT Step (Title, Goal?, Prereq?,( %Content; | Substep)*, Comments?) ><!ATTLIST Step %Standard-attrs; ><!ELEMENT Para (#PCDATA |  A | Strong | Emph | Code)*>

Go to See Create a FrameMaker Template File. if things look reasonably well. You can always make changes later. However, if you want to fix something have a glance at See A first round of fixing errors..