Human Sciences Methodology

This will remain small and (hopefully) just contain the essential pointers. Only sporadically updated. I only teach a tiny methodology intro. [DKS]

Methodology at Tecfa

At Tecfa we teach some methodology (since oct. 2005). Some teaching material:

OnLine Texts

(not done, needs at least one canonical text per topic, please explore also the links chapter below)

Literature and Bibliography

General introduction to research methodology


There are loads of tutorials on the web. If you are not happy with my little choice, you at this for example (see the links section also below)

Qualitative Research

Network Analysis

Educational Technology Research and related

(to be completed)

Software Development


(some day, I may add more things. In my group, we use mostly Atlas for qualitative and SPSS for quantitative analysis ... for the moment please see the links below)

Methodology Links

(dig around and you will find it)

More General

Qualitative Research

(both formal/structured and unformal)

Network Analysis

Quantitative Research

Associations, Journals, Forums on-line

Data and Question Archives

Finding information on the Internet

It is increasingly easy to find academic materials on the Internet. However, for resources you (or your institution) has to pay. [To DO: Add sites with definitions of terms]

Open access

Commercial offerings

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