Workshop Administration

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For people interested in History: The Workshop Call for Participation is here.

  1. An email list of participants and other people who have shown interest is HERE.
  2. Contributors who did not manage to get into the conference may attend the workshop only.
  3. For those who need hotel and transportation:
    Workshop-only participants are strictly on their own. I will give some assistance (pointers) but won't do any reservations, etc. The Tourist Office is located in an international city and is equiped to help you. Just insist for getting a cheap hotel if you want one. Regular conference participants are in hotels in the CHF 200/300 price range (I can't get discount for you).
  4. Don't hesitate to email corrections, gripes, etc. for this page to Daniel Schneider, <>. Since currently, I am totally swamped with other work, email messages and other things, a message may get lost or forgotten. Shout if I didn't reply to a question after 2-3 days or if it is urgent.