Using WWW within a world wide company to create a "learning organisation"


Ericsson has 70.000 employees in more than 100 countries. One of the most critical factors for future success is the personnel's ability to build and update its competence. I/we are working at the training department and are looking for other (or complementary) ways of teaching/learning and provide the organisation with necessary information to develop its competence.

One of our visions is the learning organisation where learning is an integrated part of the daily work. To achieve that we must have other means to provide learning other than just regular classroom training. Courses have to be available in time, on site and be customizable for any individual's need.

So far we have tried some multimedia courses (commercial products), PC-based, and LAN-based. But they all turn out to be of inferior quality, technical and pedagogical. Some of the PC-based course are OK, but since almost all designers use workstations...

So, the Web, is something we hope shall make it possible to take us a few step closer to our "vision".

Recent Works

So far we have put our course catalogue on-line, together with on-line tests, where anyone can test if they have the necessary entry requirements to apply for that particular course (which is a good help both for the student and the teacher).

The next step would be to make reference material, code examples, etc available on the web. One problem here is that our older documentation (which we would like to put on the net) is available in many different formats, Word, WP, Ventura, FrameMaker, different mark-up languages etc.

Later refresh and repetition material, short summaries, references on what to read on a certain topic and some on-line exercises that are automatically corrected or is done "at home" and mailed to the teacher.

We glance with great interest at the GNA C++ course and are looking forward to start similar experiments.

We are very interested in exchanging experiences and ideas with people who are working in the same directions.


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