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WWW Conference Workshop:
Teaching & Learning with the Web

at the First WWW Conference in Geneva, May 25-27, 1994.

Important: The conference is full now. New registrations will be put on a waiting list. If somebody drops out, you may drop in. Note however that you can still submit a contribution to the workshop. (Its highlights) will probably be discussed without you, but we will maintain links to the contributions even after the workshop here. Teaching & Learning with the Web is an ongoing effort!

Call for Participation


Participants will have the opportunity to discuss topics (theoretical, methodological, technical, practical, ...) related to the educational use of the Web.


Participation & Registration

  1. Participation: is open to everybody agreeing to contribute in one the following ways: Contributions must be made available as a single html page before the conference. The core of the contribution should be contained within this page, so that we can print it out for the workshop. Persons without access to a reliable server can use Tecfa's server.
  2. Duration and Form of the Workshop will be announced after we get a "critical mass" of participants. Anyhow, we plan to make this workshop pretty informal, since it is the first ever organized.
  3. Submission: Please note, that you have to register for the conference. (last day for early registration has been extended to April 30). You can find the registration fees in the conference registration form.


  1. Sunday, April 17 1994: Declaration of intent
    We'd like to hear from you whether potentially you plan to participate. This is not absolutely mandatory, but strongly suggested.
  2. Sunday, May 1 1994: Formal declaration of participation and draft pages.
  3. Friday, May 20 1994: Final pages

Suggested Topics

Subjects to be discussed in the workshop will be determined in function of your contributions. However we'd like to cover a relatively broad spectrum and maybe initiate the creation of working groups for more specialized topics.

Main Topics (split across the organizers):

  1. WWW Courseware: hypertextbooks and WWW support for both virtual (online) and conventional classes. Including case studies of virtual prototype courses. Contact: if you have any questions.
  2. WWW in the context of "traditional" distance teaching and open learning: What are the potential problems & perspectives ? Contact: if you have any questions. Please cc: also to (mail forwarding problem).
  3. WWW, WWW courseware tools and the various Computer Assisted Learning Paradigms:. How could we use WWW for: CAI, CBT, CAL, ITS, MicroWorlds, etc.? How could we integrate other (educational & CSCW) software (locally or on WANs). Contact: if you have any questions.
  4. Educational Information Systems: Campus Wide Information Systems, multimedia explorations/exhibits, etc. Contact: if you have any questions.


Workshop Organization & Received Contributions

(Select to look at the list of potential participants, draft contributions, additional information about the workshop and first information about the WS organization).

Contribution Form Inputs

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Daniel Schneider