Mes Loisirs


Je surfe au moins deux heures par jour sur le Web. Quand je recherche de l'information, j'utilise le moteur de recherche HOTBOT (, et je vais régulièrement sur le site HotWired (

Je regarde les vidéos sur MTV le week-end (ainsi que Single Out! durant la semaine). C'est sur

Dans le train ou la voiture, j'écoute de la musique Easy-listening (cf Pour avoir une bonne critique, je lis le magazine Inrockuptibles (

Pour savoir ce qui passe à la télé, je consulte le site de Télérama (

Ici est inséré un bout de texte, pris sur le site MTVE, juste pour faire un peu de blabla (vous comprendrez la raison cachée plus tard, si vous êtes attentifs... :)

Here is some useful information
about the site.
Read through to pick up
some good tips.
We've tried to get rid of
registration except where it is
necessary such as in the
Interactive areas: Artists
Archive where we help you
choose singles that you may
like, Community, and of
course the MTV Fantasy
Band game.
We've arranged the site
in a way that will encourage
you to experiment, but there
is reason to our madness!
All the main sections are
constantly accessible from
the navigation tool, so you
don't get lost in the depths.
The top bar chooses the main
areas, and the bottom bar the
pages within those areas.
But before you can navigate
around the site, you need to
choose which navigation tool
you would prefer - or get
the default Java option
(because it's the one we're
most proud of!) If you are
using a snazzy computer,
it means you can opt for
the fancier Java Console
or Remote window. If
you're a mere mortal then
try the Static Bar. If you
don't like what you've got
then you can re-choose by
clicking on the MTV logo
on the bottom left of the
window. Remember to fill
in your personal preferences
in 'My Details'in Community
to get all the benefits of
the site...such as music
and user recommendations,
and your identity on the
site. New to the site is
our exciting VJ email
page which enables you
to email your favourite
MTV VJ. Cat, Donna,
Eddy...all of these and
others are ready to hear
from you...and don't forget...
MTV Fantasy Bands:
Win £500 a month, join up
(it's free!) and create
your MTV Fantasy Band -
then the fight is on to
worm your way up the
Fantasy Charts. 3D Mix:
Yes, it may take more
than three seconds to
download but it's worth it!
- It's an application to
mix sounds and rhythms in
an innovative manner
(well we think so) - then
allow others to hear your
genius composition!
MTV Artists Archive: Search
through our MTV archives
to find LOADS of information
on all your favourite bands.
MTV News: Today's MTV
News and Headlines
as they happen, on your
screen. to name just
a send us an email
please go to 'Email Contact'
in the Questions
area...we?re waiting to
hear your comments!

Quand j'ai du temps,  j'aime bien cuisiner !


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