Learning process analytics for a self-study class in a Semantic Mediawiki

Daniel K. Schneider, Barbara Class, Kalliopi Benetos, Julien Da Costa, Valérie Follonier

University of Geneva

General Goals:

  1. Improve the design of self-learning classes through dispositional and learning process analytics
  2. Explore the affordances of Semantic MW and its extensions
  3. Contribute to end-user programming practice
  4. Contribute to using (persistent and larger) wikis in education
  5. Implement some research tech and ideas (e.g. CSCL) with real tools
  6. Test some ideas to try out with MOOCs

Specific goals:

  1. Design and implement a course on psychological and educational foundations of EduTech
  2. Make it low cost (little materials development, no tutoring)
  3. Integrate with an existing multipurpose MediaWiki
  4. Respect sound instructional design principles

Help students

... be active

... link concepts

... reflect

... cooperate

... contribute

Design of the class:

  1. Each course topic is represented by a single wiki page
  2. Each participant creates 3 concept maps addressing 3 central questions
  3. Final maps must be presented with screencasts.
  4. Each participant must peer-comment at least 6 productions
  5. Max. 2 students work on the same topic
  6. Provisional productions are attached to discussion pages
  7. Final productions become part of the topic pages
  8. Productions and peer commenting are evaluated at the end

The system

A course topic page ... includes learner tools

Navigation widgets

Integrate all the course pages

Input Form

Each wiki page can be annotated

Page cockpits

Some aggregation data is displayed on the page

User dashboard

Computed from page data: Achievement badges summary tables

Course dashboards

Overview picture and table

Course dashboards (2)

Overview picture

Some (preliminary) results


Some (preliminary) results (2)


Next steps

It's open source / contents

Course home page