TRIBUNE: awareness creation and dissemination of information

Short description
TRIBUNE is a service-oriented project. Two kinds of service are provided:
  1. to disseminate information inside and outside of DELTA;
  2. to encourage contacts among different categories of actors for consensus-making.

"The major key-issue for TRIBUNE is the enhancement of consensus and the harmonisation of views within the learning technology community."

As agreed in the DELTA framework, TRIBUNE is a service initiative, supporting the DELTA programme as a whole, in order to increase the impact of its R&D results. TRIBUNE is thus both rooted in the programme research process for the enhancement of consensus among DELTA contractors and in the VALUE programme for the dissemination of its results.

Output and Publications
Tangible outputs will take the form of periodic publications:
  1. an internal "Bulletin" sent every second week to all DELTA contractors by fax and E-mail;
  2. a "Collection" of documents focused on specific themes of general interest for the Flexible and Distance learning community.

Intangible results outputs will take the form of various services provided inside and outside of DELTA:

  1. setting up and implementing a "News Agency" for the dissemination of information through the existing channels;
  2. creating National Networks of persons and institutions interested in being informed on the continuing effort in the flexible and distance education community;
  3. producing, publishing and disseminating printed and electronic materials related with DELTA results towards potential industrialist, producers and policy makers of training technology.

This service action will be achieved by accelerating the social negotiation process among active partners through concrete awareness initiatives:
  1. to set up a continuous set of "Field Work" actions supporting the following lines:
    • to gather information on DELTA projects and findings;
    • to collect information outside of DELTA related to these issues;
    • to structure and synthesise these informations.
  2. to organise permanent "Working Panels" oriented towards key actors outside of the DELTA programme.

The TRIBUNE consortium is composed of well-known European Associations grouping different categories of actors in various specialised organisations. These partnerships have the following main functions:
  1. to cover all European countries: European Community members as well as EFTA Members;
  2. to have a direct access to the different types of actors involved such as: educational and corporate users, training organisations; Universities; producers of learning materials; European industrialists, telecommunication services providers;
  3. to be in close relationship with European regions as well as with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
The Swiss partner of this project has been funded by both the University of Geneva and the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Sciences.

TRIBUNE has lasted since May 1993 to December 1994.

List of publications: TRIBUNE Collection

European Partners and Organisation

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