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The mediatization of teaching contents in the context of distance learning is in the forefront of the contribution of TECFA to the TEMPUS-Project "Distance Study Centre Budapest". TEMPUS (the acronym for Trans-European Mobility Scheme for University Studies) forms part of the overall programme of European Community aid for the economic restructuring of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Its main goals are to support the development of higher education systems and to encourage joint activities and exchanges.

"Distance Study Centre Budapest" is one of more than 450 projects which TEMPUS is sponsoring. Eight universities (four in Hungary) are the partners of this project. The Swiss contribution, which includes TECFA and a working group of the University of Basel, is placed under the aegis of the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science. The aim of the project is to develop open and distance teaching at university level in Hungary. Note that there are only four TEMPUS-projects supported by non EC-countries.

The general goal of the contribution of TECFA is to formalize methodologies for developing distance learning systems and for producing the related courses and tools. Concretely, TECFA analyses the techniques of instructional design used by the two main partners of the Distance Study Center Budapest, the Fern Universitaet Hagen (Germany) the the Open University Heerlen (Holland). Based on this experience, TECFA is developing a course and related materials for the tutors of the Distance Study Center Budapest in order to mediatize the subjects of study in distance learning. In the medium term, this would allow imported courseware to be better adapted to the hungarian context. For more information, call or write for Dr. Daniel Peraya (or Claus Haessig), email:

Distance Teaching, Distance Learning, Open Learning, Courseware Design

Daniel Peraya, Klaus Haessig




For more information, call or write to Dr. Daniel Peraya