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6. Implementation

ETOILE and MEMOLAB are implemented with Allegro Common Lisp and run on Sun Sparcstation. It could be easily ported to other Unix platforms. Since the whole systems are based on an object-oriented approach, we use the object-oriented features of Common Lisp, i.e. CLOS. For the interface functions, we use the beta-release of the `Common Lisp Interface Manager' (Clim 2.0). The software may be ported to micro-computer platforms (i.e. Windows and MacIntosh) when Clim 2.0 and multi-threading will be available for those in 1994.

The main components of ETOILE are:

The components of MEMOLAB are:

In other words, MEMOLAB includes two sets of things. The first three are instances of pre-defined ETOILE classes. The author may define sub-classes if he wants to add domain-specific slots to these objects. The three next things define the microworld. The author of a learning environment must add in ETOILE the file name defining the file structure of his own learning environment (using `defsystem').

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