Machina Carnis

(temporary stuff done by Pierre)

Short description

"Machina Carnis" is an educational software tool on electro-cardiology and cardio-vascular regulation. It is currently tested with physiology classes in the Faculte de Medecine of the Universtiy of Geneva.

"Machina Carnis" is 100MB application running under Windows 3.1 including 16 hypermedias, 12 simulation modles, 3 interactive animations, auto-evaluation tools etc. The package also a 37 minute movie with synthetic images which will we plan to distribute in digital format in the future. The whole includes thus several multimedia features, such as images, sound, interactive animations and digital video. It should also represent a interessting testcase for highspeed WANs (add something on the ATM project)







For more information, call or write for Francois-Daniel Giezendanner