JITOL: Just in Time Open Learning

Short description

The JITOL project concerns "Just in Time Open Learning". Jitol is based on the essential assumption that collaborative learning is the best way to access professionnals know-how and that it provides an infrastructure for communities of professionnals to discuss, document and enhance their working practices and the knowledge bound up in them. Through the creation of a transient virtual community bound by a strong motivation to analyse focused themes, it bonds and mixes both experts and learners around an electronic conferencing device.

It is Collaborative in the sense that a telematic network (X.25-Transpac) is implemented as a tool for professionnals to have a discussion focused on precise topics which relate closely to their every day activities. JITOL uses a 4 windows interface multimedia environment. The North-West window is the Evolving Knowledge Base (a public resource). The North-East window is the electronic debates (public conferences) window. The South-West window is providing a private note-book resource with cut and paste capability. The multimedia Evolving Knowledge Base is currently distributed as a program.

User Interfaces, Communication Application, Life and Medicine Sciences

Evaluation team

EC DELTA Programme / OFES



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