Fine-grained EvaLuation of the Interactive Narrative Experience


FELINE stands for Fine-grained EvaLuation of the Interactive Narrative Experience, a research project funded by a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), that aims to identify and evaluate, including during run-time, specific narrative structures related to user engagement of Interactive Storytelling systems .

The project is being carried out by a team led by Nicolas Szilas at the Learning and Teaching Technologies Unit (TECFA) of the University of Geneva. It started in winter 2015 and will end in winter 2019.

What are the contributions of this project?

  • At a theoretical level, it could help advacing the understanding the nature of Human-Computer Interactions in narrative-based communications.
  • At a practical level, it could provide Interactive Narrative System designers and authors relevant guidelines on how to design an interactive narrative experience, which can be used in various domains such as education, entertainment, training and communication of complex topics.
  • At a methodological level, it could provide a novel method to understand the user experience at the micro level of individual actions.

Key outcomes


Consult the research articles that have been presentad and publisehd in conferences

biometrics user research in feline

User Research methodology for Interactive Narratives
Watch the presentation at the #GAMESUR EU summit in London (2017)

Catalog of Narrative Acts

Catalog of Narrative Acts
A guidance tool for authors of Interactive Digital Storytelling regrouping more than 200 narrative acts founds in Systems and Theories