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The Virtual Workspace Environment (VWE) Project's main objectives

The overall objective is to develop a general and adaptable virtual workspace environment (VWE) for use in conjunction with the EUN platform. The Virtual Workspace Environment will be based on open standards for platform- independent, object- oriented and distributed application development

The VWE will be an integrated part of the EUN platform and will be open for use by all parts of the EUN. The VWE can be seen as an advanced extension of the EUN technical platform, but may also be used as an application, entirely separated from the EUN technical platform. The VWE will particularly enhance the activities of more advanced users by:

By providing this functionality, this project encourages virtual collaboration in European education and creates conditions for the use of new and innovative pedagogical approaches when using ICT in European education. The development within the project will aim towards a durable technical development with an environment that can evolve in phase with the rapid technical development in a way that supports the concept of open standards.


Information and communication technologies, distance learning, virtual workspace, collaborative tools

Collaborating Partners

Umeň University, LITU, (Teacher Education ICT Development Unit), Sweden
UNI-C, Danish Computing Centre for Research and Education
SUN Micro Systems, Sweden


  • Switzerland: Office Fédéral de l'Education et de la Science (OFES)

  • Period

    Two years, from October 1998 to September 2000


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