Bootnap Ideal Groupware Test System

The ideal groupware system for our experiments would be one which allows:

In particular, we would like a system or compound set of systems which provide the following collaborative environment:

  1. A 2-way audio connection for real-time speech
  2. A whiteboard which allows:
    1. Manipulable objects rather than bitmaps. Users can:
      1. move objects
      2. change objects
      3. erase objects
    2. Public Drawings:
      1. visibile to both collaborators
      2. both collaborators can manipulate the drawings
    3. Pointers visible to both parties
      1. Preferably without having to add a permanent mark
      2. Preferably visible at all times
    4. Typing text at user specified locations
    5. Importing of outside data
      1. Text
      2. Bitmaps
      3. Postscript
      4. Manipulable objects
    6. An Undo feature
    7. Compound objects built up from simpler objects
    8. Stamps, icons, or pre-formulated compound objects
    9. Open-ended augmentation (so we can also provide extra features if needed)
  3. Special-purpose domain dependant interactions with domain objects or simulators

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David Traum