About the CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains additional material regarding Patterns in Game Design. The material consists of three parts:

The Game Design Pattern Collection

We have put our current pattern collection, including all the patterns from the book, on the CD-ROM. The patterns are in HTML-format and are cross-referenced to make them easy to use with a standard Web browser. The patterns can be accessed either alphabetically or by chapter. The pattern collection is located in the collection folder and is best accessed by opening index.htm or pattern_list_by_chapter.htm file in that folder with your web-browser.

Pattern Cards

For those who want to use card versions of patterns, we have provided concise pattern descriptions that can be printed as individual cards. These short descriptions do not contain all the information about how to use the pattern nor consequences of using the pattern, but are instead aimed at being used as reminders and pointers to the full descriptions. A PDF file with all the patterns as cards exists in the cards folder.

Presentation Slides

The last additional material is a set of PowerPoint (tm) slides that the authors have used at workshops. The reader is free to use these slides, as a whole or individual slides, for presentations or workshops. The slides are located in the slides folder.

For the latest information about the project please go to http://www.gamedesignpatterns.org, or www.charlesriver.com/titles/patternsgmdes.html.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Pentium Processor+


32 mb RAM

Mac OS 7.61+



32 mb RAM

or any other similar system which can run the required programs.

In addition, you will need a web-browser, such as Mozilla (http://www.mozilla.org) or Microsoft¨ Internet Explorer, to browse the pattern collection; PDF reader, such as Adobe¨ Readerú, for viewing and printing out the pattern cards; and PowerPointú to use the slides.


To use this CD-ROM, you just need to make sure that your system matches at least the minimum system requirements.