Collaborateur scientifique, TECFA, Université de Genève


Scientific Collaborator, TECFA, Geneva University

(Photo Michel Israelian)



A dedication...

Postal Address : UNI MAIL
Département de Sociologie
102, Bd Carl-Vogt
CH-1211 GENEVE 4
Telephone Number :(+ 41 22) 705.83.16
Fax Number :(+ 41 22) 705.83.25
Electronic mail : dancona@ibm.unige.ch
Room number : 4224


« pour Olivier »


You might wonder who the film on the Swiss AIDS Campaigns is dedicated to, the mysterious Olivier ?

Here he is!

Welcome to Earth, little man!


His weight: 2,820 Kg
His height: 45 cm

As his father says: « Really, the World's most beautiful baby ! »

Olivier D'Ancona made of me an uncle on Wednesday, October 9th, 1996, at 2:24 pm, three weeks in advance of the planned date for the delivery.

That was right in the middle of the pre-editing of the HUMANITIES film... sometimes, there are strange coincidences !!!


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