Call for Applications

Geneva Emotion Week '95

Saturday, April 8, to Thursday, April 13, 1995

The Emotion Research Group at the University of Geneva announces the third Geneva Emotion Week (GEW '95), consisting of:
·   a colloquium focusing on a major topic in the psychology of emotion (3 days)
·   a series of workshops designed to introduce participants to advanced research methods in the field of emotion (3 days).

The colloquium consists of extensive presentations of theoretical and methodological approaches and of recent empirical work by a group of invited speakers and faculty members of the University of Geneva. Ample time is allotted for discussion. The theme chosen for the GEW'95 is:

Artificial Emotions

The intention of GEW'95 is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines, including AI, neurosciences, philosophy, and psychology, who share an interest in architectures and mechanisms underlying emotion, motivation, and intelligence. The focus is on architectural requirements for an autonomous agent, combining the various sub-functions and sub-mechanisms normally studied separately in AI and Psychology. GEW'95 is organized in collaboration with the Cognition and Affect Group under the direction of Prof. Aaron Sloman at the Cognitive Science Research Center, University of Birmingham. This group organized the first Workshop on Architectures underlying Motivation and Emotion (WAUME93) at Birmingham and is pleased that WAUME95 is to be merged with GEW'95.

Speakers and Topics of the colloquium:

Prof. Joseph Le Doux, Univ. New York: Neural Computation of Emotional Meaning by the Brain.

Prof. Stevan Harnad, Univ. Southampton: Measuring and Modelling Performance Capacities and Qualitative States.

Prof. Aaron Sloman, Univ. Birmingham: Architectures for Emotional Agents.

Prof. Klaus Scherer, Univ. Genève: Computer Modeling of Appraisal Processes.

Discussant: Prof. Nico Frijda, Univ. Amsterdam.

The workshops will be dedicated to practical work, e.g. simulation models, tools, problems, etc. The workshops listed below will be held by the organizers and the invited speakers. In addition, 2 or 3 workshops (of 1.5 to 3 hours) will be held by participants. Proposals for workshops will be selected on a competitive basis. Each day of the workshops will end with a session (2h) for posters, demonstrations, videos, and individual discussions. The topics of the invited workshops, each lasting approximately 3 hours, are:

Dr. Jorge Armony, Center for Neuroscience, New York:

Prof. Stevan Harnad, University Southampton: Prof. Aaron Sloman, Cognition and Affect Group, Birmingham: Dr. Prem Kalra & Prof. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, Miralab, Geneva: Dr. Thomas Wehrle & Prof. Klaus Scherer, Emotion Research Group, Geneva: Prospective participants are researchers or doctoral students working in AI, neurosciences, philosophy, or psychology. Admission for the limited number of places is decided on the basis of prior application. Further information as well as an official application form can be obtained from:

Dr. Susanne Kaiser - Université de Genève - FPSE, Section de Psychologie, 9, route de Drize, CH-1227 Carouge

Fax: +41/22/300 1482; E-mail:

Deadline for workshop proposals: December 31, 1994

Deadline for applications: February 15, 1995