Diego Corti portrait

Diego G. Corti, MA, MSc.

knowledge media interaction architect

1961, from Curio, Switzerland
Married 1990, two children 1995,1998
Rue Louis-Favre 8, CH-2000 Neuchâtel
corti @ madepublic.com
+41 078 802 41 04

—[ portfolio ]—


  Highly creative and versatile Human Computer Interaction designer with seven years of experience in research, consulting, teaching and development, as well as the management of large corporate IT projects. I lead the design of a Document Review Management System at Oracle, U.K. and managed the web related projects at the University of Fribourg.
1rst Prize Award at the U. of London Computer Science Open Day. I founded the start-up madepublic Ltd. Liab. Co.. Especially skilled at evaluating and optimizing the use of IT in business and education environments. Excellent management, collaboration and analysis skills. Seeking a challenging team or lead position in the HCI field that focuses on both research and development of effective computer mediated interactions with users.



Background: MSc in HCI and MA in Psychology, literate and numerate, scientific research, computer programming
Domains: knowledge and media interaction, computer supported collaboration
Methods: qualitative and quantitative, ethnographic studies, user requirements, rapid prototyping, participatory development, usability evaluation
Roles: project manager, team leader, consultant, designer, researcher, teacher, entrepreneur
Traits: creative, adaptive, independent, supportive, communicative, stress tolerant
Tech.: Unix, Win, Mac, multimedia, databases, Flash, PHP, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, SQL, C
Other: guitar player, band leader, composer



Entrepreneur: madepublic Ltd. Liab. Co.


Project manager: lead web team, U. of Fribourg, Switzerland.
Lecturer: HCI and Cognitive Psychology, U. of Fribourg.
Freelance: consultant, researcher and web designer,
Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, University of California San Diego, Open University KMI U.K.


Researcher: Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Training and Education,
U.of Geneva, Pictet & Cie. Private Banking, Viviance, Geneva


Consultant: Document Review Management System,
Oracle Corporation U.K.


Researcher: Cognitive and Cross-Cultural Psychology,
Swiss National Science Foundation, Prof. J. Retschitzki.



Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction,
Queen Mary, University of London,U.K.
Thesis: Collaboration Patterns and Common Ground: Resource Costs Analyses as a Basis for Designing a Computer Supported Collaborative Document Review.
1st Prize Computer Science Department Open Day


Master of Art in Cognitive Psychology,
University of Fribourg, Switzerland .
Thesis: Computer Assisted Analysis of Expert Sight Reading in Piano Performance.
Summa cum Laude - First Class with Honours



French: native
English: fluent Toefl 267
German: good
Italian: good

References available upon request