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(this page is at http://tecfa.unige.ch/moo/emoo/main-objects.html for the moment) See also: The E_WEB Room on TecfaMOO



E_WEB httpd
Handles connections and routing for processing. If the URL is of type: http://tecfamoo.unige.ch:7778/<object>/.... processing is handled by the :http_request verb of that object. Else, see below

Webbable Objects
Contains a list of properties that redirect a "non-object request to the right handler, e.g. / goes to the E_WEB Home page, /who to Generic Web Request Handler. On each of those handlers the :http_request verb is called (??)

Important handlers/tools/objects

Generic Web Request Handler:
Handles most kinds of requests, look at the methods. E.g. a verb like "html_who" will handle /who.

Object Browser:
The Object browser will handle /objbrowse URLs. Note that /code URLs are handled by the Generic Web Request Handler.

CGI Object:
Handles cgi-bin queries.

E_WEB Home page:

Content Generation utils

EHtml utils:
VRML utils: