TecfaMOO Connections

Hopefully, this page will help you to connect to TecfaMOO. Note: For real work on the MOO get a real client (e.g. tkMOO-light but for which you need to do some installation work).

Java Applets

Some may not work very well on your platform, please try them out.
  1. Cup0Mud: Should work with most WWW browsers. (Includes MCP, but no local editing in this release).
  2. MudSlide: Simple client.
  3. JMUD: Simple client.
  4. Surf&Turf: For Windows 95 only, includes a sketchpad and the possibility to display URLs to persons using the same client.

WWW Interfaces

Lake View

Tinyfugue connection

TinyFugue connection (access restricted - password required! Qualified researchers in educational technology who are unable to install a MUD client or Java enabled WWW browser can ask for a password)

Telnet connection

This connection is only useful for people with System Access and who for some reason don't have a native telnet application.
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