'Surf_and_Turf' Web-MOO Client

"the client that lets you SURF,
from the convenience of your own MOO TURF..."

Welcome to the 'Surf_and_Turf' Web-MOO client. This Java based client allows you to easily attach viewable Web Pages to any MOO object. You may then *view* your objects privately or *display* them to everyone else in the room. The purpose of this client is to make collaborative web viewing as simple as possible. For full instructions on the use of the 'Surf_and_Turf' Client press here.
The most interesting feature of this client is that you can show URLs to persons using the same client being in the same room, example:
    @create $thing named truc
    connect truc to http://tecfa.unige.ch/tecfamoo.html
    view truc
    display truc

The 'Surf_and_Turf' client is still in its testing phase. Please send additional ideas, comments or bug reports to schweller@bvu.edu
'Surf_and_Turf' Web-MOO client was developed by the CollegeTown Development Team of Schweller, Blanchard, Goodrich, and Schaecher