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The Elements of Programming


There are very few essential elements one needs for programming:

  1. variables (things to store information), i.e. local variables and object's properties in the MOO language.
  2. procedural abstractions (named collections of instructions), i.e verbs in the MOO language
  3. branching (IF's)
  4. side-effects (``Set'', ``=''), to assign values to variables
  5. procedure/function calls
  6. loops (as ``cheap'' alternative to procedure calls)

Those major elements rely on a number of things like:

To make a programming language useful, you also need things like:

Many programming languages have special features that make them useful for a given task, e.g. the MOO language has:

In some sense the MOO Programming language can be compared to an operation system. A server manages users and programs in somewhat similar way.

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