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8.1 Documentation on MOO Programming


  1. Get the official MOO programming manuel from one of the archives (e.g. from
  2. The Ftp archive at Xerox or use the html version, available in several places, e.g.:
  3. The Lambda core user's and programmer's manuals are also useful and can be found at in the Xerox archives. Note however, that most MOOs have their core modified and that a few use a REALLY different core. At Tecfa you consult them on-line: LambdaCore User's Manual and Programmer's Manual, but again: they are outdated even for LambdaMOO.
  4. Also, look for various cheatsheets and other useful stuff: Most can be found in serveral places:
Note, however that this documentation is pretty useless for total beginners, unless you are an experienced programmer. But it will become usefull pretty rapidly, so GET IT!

Then, get the various cheatsheets available:

Daniel K. Schneider
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