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6.3 Ken's Turing Robot


This conversational Robot has been programmed by Prof. Ken Schweller of Buena Vista University. At TECFAMOO, Ken's Bot has object number #1684. So to create your own bot, type:

  @create #1680 named <a name>
  @create #1680 named rumpelstilskin

Let's look at the Turingbot Ken ported over to TECFAMOO:

You see a Turing Robot designed to interact in vigorous 'Eliza-like'
conversation with other folks in its vicinity. It has key words, sentence
patterns, random responses, and question responses - all user programmable.
It has some ability to recognize where it is and to whom it is talking. 
Type @exam botname to see all the available commands. For detailed assistance
in programming this bot type 'help botname'. For a discussion of the issues 
involved in testing machine intelligence see Turing's paper 'Computing
Machinery and Intelligence'.  To start up the bot, drop it, activate it, 
and say 'hi'. Please report bugs to ken/cdr@CollegeTown.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997