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5.1 Basic customization


The most simple commands for customizing your character are:

Renaming yourself:

  @rename me to <name>
  @rename me to monalisa
      or if you want an alias in addition:
  @rename me to monalisa,ml

Describing yourself:

  @describe me as " ............ "
  @describe me as "Innocent looking young man with a green tie"
Note that you must enter the whole description on a single line. If you prefer formatting the text use the @edit command instead, i.e. type: @edit me.description. See sections 16.1.1 and 1.4 for more details on how to edit things!

You can give yourself a mood and change it whenever you wish, e.g.

  @mood idling
will show something like this:
  who mooboy
User name         Connected    Idle time    Location
---------         ---------    ---------    --------
MooBoy [idling]   14 hours     0 seconds    TecfaMOO ARRIVAL area

At TECFAMOO you also should set your finger message: The finger command gives information about your ``real'' self.

  @whois me is Kaspar's programming character...

This will lead to:
 >finger me
  XXX [idling] 'finger'ed you
  MooBoy [idling] tells you about his real self.
  Kaspar's programming character...
  XXX [idling] has looked up your areas of interest!
Most other ``serious'' MOOs have equivalent commands, inquire!

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997