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1.2 Very very minimal communication and navigation


First of all you need to able to connect to a MOO (see section 1.3 for instructions).

Here is some basic information on how to do the most basic actions in a MOO. You can always type 'help' to get an index of help topics. To get specific help about communication, for example, you can type 'help communication'.

MOOs are organized around ``rooms'', i.e. you are always in some location. So a first thing you need to learn is how to look at the room you're in: Just type'look'. To get information on the objects around you, you can type'look <object>'.

To communicate with people in the same room you're in, you can ``talk'' to them by typing something like:

   say Hello, there.
      - or -
   "Hello, there

To know who else is connected at the time, type '@who'. You get also information on where they are, for how long they have been connected, and when they were active last. To communicate with people not in your room, you can 'page' them like in the following example:

   page Jane Do you have some free time?

If you want to go to another room, you can walk though an ``exit'' by typing the exit's name. Exits are normally listed when you 'look' like in the following example:

On most MOOs, even guests are allowed to ``join'' a person, i.e. jump to the same location. But please, before you join a person page her and ask if you are welcome !

   @join jane

If you want to look at things, use the ``look'' command, like in the following examples:

   Daniel's Office
   You see open boxes, a desk and other brand new office furniture
   Obvious Exits: Atrium (to The Tecfa Atrium) and Tower (to Tower).

   >l colin
   A young man, having a lot of fun inside the MOO. 
   He stared so much at his screen that he begins to 
   have square eyes. Work, all that matters is work !
   He is awake, but has been staring off into space for 2 hours.

Finally, to logoff, type '@quit'

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997