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Remembering Rooms


A lot of MOOs have the @addroom command implemented. At TECFAMOO we don't, see section 2.5.2 on Nicknames instead. Here is the help from Diversity University MOO:    

Usage:  @addroom [<room>] [as <name>]

Adds a room to your list of known rooms (this allows you to reference it by
name with such commands as @go and @move).  If <room> is not specified, your
current room is assumed.  If you specify "as <name>", <name> will be used as
the name for the room in your room database, instead of the room's actual
name (this allows you to specify abbreviations and such).

This command can be abbreviated down to '@addr'.

Example:  @addr #11 as SU
 ..would add room #11 (the Student Union) to your personal database
 of rooms under the name of "SU".

See Also:
  @go      - Teleport yourself to a specified location.
  @move    - Teleport another object to a specified location.
  @rmroom  - Remove a room from your personal list of rooms.
  @rooms   - Display all rooms known by name.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997