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The @find verb

@find is not a standard MOO server (or Lambda MOO db) verb, however it should be available on most MOOs. Ask around, maybe there is another verb that does the ``trick''.

'@find #<object>', '@find <player>', '@find :<verb>' '@find .<property>'

Attempts to locate things. Verbs and properties are found on any object in the player's vicinity, and some other places.

E.g. @find ``player name'' will identify a player and his location:

 >@find Daniel
 Daniel (#111) is at Daniel's Office (#139).

 >@find :@find
 The verb :@find is on   Kaspar(#85)--Frand's Player Class(#130)   Daniel(#111)
 --Frand's Player Class(#130)

 >@find :kiss
 The verb :kiss is on   Not a Silly Social FO(#248)   AMCSA(#1371)

(... more to come, include programmer's FO that float around)

Daniel K. Schneider
Wed Oct 23 21:55:28 MET DST 1996