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MudWin (Windows)


MudWin is a good Windows client that works with major TCP/IP software.

Requirements: You must have a WinSock v1.1 compliant DLL providing TCP/IP access to the Internet. The subdirectory containing WINSOCK.DLL must be in your PATH before starting Windows or MUDWIN.EXE must be placed in the same subdirectory as WINSOCK.DLL.

Distribution: Get it from the MudWin Home Page or (a maybe old version) from TECFA's FTP server


(Note that we did not test everything in detail, but there is a good help, read that if you are interested in things like macro creation (toolbar icons) and automatization of login!)

Ease of Use:
Easy to use, also has a configurable icon bar (preconfigured for a few movement and communication commands (in order to pick up an object select first the object in the text window with the mouse then click on the ``in-bag'' icon

Copy/Paste to other applications:

Multiple Connections:

Command Repetition:
Yes (click on the arrow to the right of the input line)

Local Editing:
No (?), means you have to use the mud/moo editors

Session Logs:

Overall judgment:
Very nice client, but maybe not powerful enough for development work.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997