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15.2 [TECFAMOO] The file_handler utils


Most MOOs that allow programmers (and not just wizards) to use the FUP Package use a variant of the $file_handler utils provided with the FUP distribution. At TECFAMOO we use the more sophisticated version used at BioMOO that includes disk quota.

At TECFAMOO, in order to use external files do the following:

  1. Enquire with a wizard who has system access at TECFA if he will allow you to access files.
  2. @create $file_handler named <something>
  3. Write down the number and ask a wizard with system access to create a directory called ``handlers/#xxxx'' and to give you disk quota.
  4. 'help $file_handler' (or http://tecfa.unige.ch:7778/objbrowse/$file_handler)

Note that you can give other programmers access to your file handler with the verb: <your file handler>:allows(whom, verb-called, @arguments).

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997