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Tiny Fugue (Unix)


Runs on BSD or Sys V. Latest version is 3.2beta4. Commonly known as 'tf'. Designed primarily for TinyMUD-style muds, although will run on LPMUDs and Dikus. Features include regexp hilites and gags, auto-login, macros, line editing, screen mode, triggers, cyberportals, logging, file and command uploading, shells, and multiple connects.

``tf'' seems to be the client of choice for most MOO programmers (specially those who work over remote connections). TF is easy to install (as far as Unix goes. At Tecfa it runs on Solaris 2.4 (and ran under SunOS 4.1).

Distribution: ftp://ftp.math.okstate.edu/pub/muds/clients/UnixClients/tf/ or ftp://ftp.tcp.com/pub/mud/Clients/tinyfugue/ (latest versions)

11.1 Features

tf has many advanced features (e.g. a very powerful macro/triggers package) that will not be discussed here.

Ease of Use:
Relatively easy, good on-line documentation, type '/help'

Copy/Paste to other applications:

Multiple Connections:

Command Repetition:
Yes (c-p)

Local Editing:
not builtin. However, people wrote macros that can do that (see one of them below).

Session Logs:

Overall judgment:
Very powerful client, but learning its advanced features needs some investment.

Local editing with can be done in principle (we did not test it) The following has been taken from the MOO case:

/def -mregexp -t"^\\.$" do_localedit = \
        /if /test %{shipping} %;\
           /then /set shipping 0 %;\
           /log -w off %;\
           /sys echo . >> %loced_doc %;\
           /sh %editor %loced_doc %;\
           /quote '%loced_doc %;\
           /sys rm %loced_doc %{loced_doc}\~ %;\

; if you want backups, move the document somewhere instead of deleting it

/def -mregexp -t"^#\\$# edit name: (.*) upload: (.*)$" localedit_trigger = \
        /substitute %P2%;\
        /set shipping 1 %;\
        /set loced_doc %{loced_basedir}/tf_edit.doc %;\
        /log -w %loced_doc %;

Here is another solution:

>@read 1 on *clients [at river.honors.indiana.edu 8888]

Message 1 on *Clients (\#11431):
Date:     Tue May 23 17:06:27 1995 EST
From:     Iluvatar (\#1635)
To:       *Clients (\#11431)

; LOCALEDIT.TF --- Local editing support for MOO editors.
; By Kirlan@LambdaMOO
; This code is freely distributable.  Please notify the author of
; any major modifications made.
; The author assumes no responsibility, period.
; Meaning that I assume no liability for any damages of any sort
; incurred by using this code.
; Also meaning that I'll support this code when I feel like it
; Simplified version for accounts that can't do terminal multipexing
; Just shells out to the editor
/require tools.tf
/set shipping 0
/set editor pico

; set this to an absolute path.  /sys does not do tilde completion
/eval /set loced_basedir %{HOME}

; trigger to finish local editing
; this should really be defined _within_ the start macro but, ugh.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997