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12.2 [TECFAMOO] Local Core


Wizards in any MOO can make global reference to an object by corifing it; example $room == #3, you probably never do $object_utils:isa(foo, $room) rather than $object_utils:isa(foo, #3), so that if $room is #34372537 your code will still work. Unfortunately only wizards can define those core reference (that's how the $... reference are called).

The compiler parse $foo exactly like #0.foo, so adding a reference is just adding a property to #0.

At TECFAMOO, all programmers have access to the LOCAL CORE, this local core is different of the ``real'' core in the way that any programmer can add his/her references and that it uses a different prefix.

The prefix for local core references is &:

               &foo == $local.foo

Any programmer can add a local core reference through the use of the @local-corify command.

      Usage:  @local-corify <object> as <propname>

     Adds <object> to the local core, as &<propname>

So, instead of telling people to add feature #345235, @local-corify #345235 as &super_cool_feature and tell people to add the &super_cool_feature feature instead You will see, it's much easier to remember.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997