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10.4 Verbs and command parsing


In the MOO, there a 2 basic sorts of verbs:(a) command verbs and (b) methods (callable verbs on objects).

(a) When a command is entered by a user, the server tries to (1) parse the line received and (2) to find a command verb that can execute it. This is discussed in section 10.4.1. See also: Chapter 2 in the MOO Programming Manuel for important information on ``built-in'' variables.

(b) Verbs can call other verbs that are executable (+ permission). Usually, those verbs use ``this none this'' for the dobj prep iobj arguments. ``This none this'' is used to indicate non-command verbs, since the parser can't possibly interpret a command as "this none this". For these verbs, the permissions default to "rxd"; the "x" bit is set so that they can be called from other programs. Read section 10.4.2 for more details on verb specification.

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